Voiceover & Art

Animation & Video Game Visual Reel

'You Make Us' with Daimler Truck

Microphone: Warm Audio WA-47jr
Interface: Solid State Logic SSL2
Recording Device/Others: Macbook Pro M1, Mogami Gold Cables
DAWs: Reaper (VO) and Pro Tools and Listento (Trial version obtained for singing as needed)
Internet Speed: 53.03/18.70
Connectivity: SourceConnect Now, Session Link Pro, Zoom, ConnectionOpen Discord, ipDTL, and more upon request!

Local Studio
Londsdale Street Studio
U8 + U15 14 Lonsdale Street
Braddon ACT 2612
Canberra, Australia
Available 7 days a week

Princess LoolilaluThe Amazing Digital CircusPre-lay AnimationGLITCH Productions
Valentine YuSunset Phoenix TrailerPre-lay AnimationChelsea Goerzon
Alana TranReady or NotVideo GameVOID Interactive
PepperCrush CrushVideo GameSad Panda Studios
Luo ShenMythic HeroesVideo GameIGG Canada
Theia, LunariLie of CaelumVideo GameClass5ied
Pistis, DalilaShattered HeavenVideo GameLeonardo Interactive
Chloe RicardGrey Heritage: Noble DutyVideo GameBrandon Tran
GwynethAFK Arena: Just Esperia ThingsADR (Anime)Lillith Games
Myriam FlaminiaOn The EdgeADR (Live-Action)PrimeVideo
Merry The QuokkaFlip & Mozi's How To Be An EarthlingAudio ProductionTinkercast & The Pop Ups

Singaporean Australian Voice Actor

veratanva@gmail.com | veratan.fun

STUDIOSound Treated BoothSource-Connect Standard

SSL2Warm Audio WA-47jr

ADR/ANIMATIONPrincess LoolilaluThe Amazing Digital CircusGLITCH Productions

GwynethAFK Arena: Just Esperia ThingsLillith Games

Valentine YuSunset Phoenix (Trailer)Chelsea Goerzon

Myriam FlaminiaOn The EdgeFunkaarpurr



INTERACTIVEAlana TranReady or NotVOID Interactive

PepperCrush CrushSad Panda Studios

Luo ShenMythic HeroesIGG Canada

KonoeSacred Earth AlternativeSacred Star Studios

Pistis, DalilaShattered HeavenLeonardo Interactive

AudreyTales of GrumvilleMushroomallow

Theia, LunariLie of CaelumClassi5ed

AUDIO PRODUCTIONMerry the QuokkaFlip & Mozi's How To Be An EarthlingTinkercast & The Pop Ups

AquillaArchionStudio Archion

Young XimenaThe StrataBeyond The Dark

LauraThe Not-So Secret AcademyW.I.L.D. Productions

NixieUghgh...Magical BoysMysticborn Productions

VO CLIENTSDaimler TrucksRebel Girls 

TRAININGSinging Coaching (Classical)Shu Cheen Yu (5 years)

Singing Coaching (Musical Theatre)Grace Ng (5 years)

Private Coaching (Character)June Yoon

Private Coaching (Commercial)Gina Scarpa

ADRJason Lord

Anime & JRPGsKira Buckland

Acting out with Kiba WalkerKiba Walker

Next LVL Video Game WorkshopRandy Greer

Advanced Animation/ Video Game Voice Over IntensiveLiam Farrell


Logo Design

Web Design

Sticker/keychain designs

Product Photos

Art & Management @ Sunrose INteractive

I do some work in game dev as well, being the team lead for Staccato, and the sole artist for Ponder. These games will be published under Sunrose Interactive, an indie game development studio comprised of two (for now) small teams!

Woroni @ Australia National University

As a full time university student, I also take part in activities appropriate for university students in addition to my extra curricular freelancing.Like doing art for one of the magazines oncampus, in this case, Woroni.Here, you can see the work I've done with them, everything from contents pages, dividers, art pages and more!Most of the art was done by hand, with a few exceptions being done via photo manipulation and collaging.This gallery will be updated as new editions release.


Aside from the options you see here, I have other options for commissions, everything from business cards, maps, landscape drawings, stream overlays, emotes and more, if you can think if it, I probably offer it!If I dont, feel free to email me asking, it never hurts to ask.

Staccato | Illustration

This art style is used in the game Staccato, in which I created the Sprites and CGs for. If you want something cute and simple, this is the style for you!

MAGAZINE | Illustration

This is a slightly more complex art style I usually use for magazine cover illustrations. If you want something stylish and funky, have a look at your options!

STORYBOOK | Illustration

Used in my book illustrations, this art style leaves no detail unrendered. If you want something detailed and atmospheric, look no further!

logos | Design

If you want a logo for yourself, your business, your game/production or other type of organisation, I'll be able to do it!

Website | Design

I have the most experience in designing portfolio sites, however I can adapt to a wide variety of sites for various organisations and purposes.

Whether it be the performing arts or the visual arts, I am always, and have always been an artist (despite my 4 year old self insisting that singing was somehow different), which is great because I don't think I'm that good at much else if I'm being honest.Starting at the ripe young age of 4, I went to singing classes, rehearsals, and performances all throughout my childhood, having to do 10 hour rehearsals, better yet, 12am rehearsals on school nights as a child.And wake up at 3-4am for an interview that one time, that was horrid. I went to school straight after.By 5, I had declared I would one day be a famous singer, artist and actor (in that order).At 12, I had set my sights on becoming an illustrator and I'd spent a good chunk of my teenage life working towards that (and very legally selling commissions for scrap cash in high school).At 18, I decided to re-enter the world of performing arts as a voice actor.Nowadays, I make my living off being a voice actor, artist and singer (in that order), and I now I can truly say I'm having fun!cue end credits ( • ̀ω•́ )✧